15-Day A Perfect Ten

[Europe Tour] A Perfect Ten (APT) – 15 Days 14 Nights

Visited Countries: Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Itally, Vatican City, Monaco, France
(10 Countries)
Price: Twin sharing: £1,133 £1,033 per person (Early bird discount) 
(Include 14 continental breakfast)
Price Include 14 nights hotel, 14 breakfast, transport throughout the journey and professional tour guide
Departure Date:
24 Mar 2018
14 Apr 2018 28 Apr 2018
 5 May 2018  12 May 2018  26 May 2018
2 Jun 2018 16 Jun 2018  30 Jun 2018
7 Jul 2018 14 Jul 2018  21 Jul 2018
28 Jul 2018
4 Aug 2018 11 Aug 2018  18 Aug 2018
25 Aug 2018
15 Sep 2018 22 Sep 2018 29 Sep 2018
13 Oct 2018 20 Oct 2018
10 Nov 2018
22 Dec 2018
Pick Up Point: London Euston Station at 7.00am (in front of Burger King Restaurant)

Europe Tour Itinerary

Day 1 – London / Marne la Valley (Paris)
Day 2 – Marne La Valley (Paris) / Zurich / Ulster Village
Day 3 – Lucerne / Mountain Titlis (Optional)
Day 4 – Ulster / Vaduz / Innsbruck / Verona
Day 5 – Venice / Rome
Day 6 – Full day in Rome / Vatican City
Day 7 – Florence / Pisa / Italian Riviera / San Remo
Day 8 – San Remo / Monte Carlo (Monaco) / Nice / Lyon
Day 9 – Rhone Alps Lyon region / Versaille area (Paris)
Day 10 – Full day in Paris
Day 11 – Paris at leisure
Day 12 – Paris / Reims / Luxembourg / Bitburg
Day 13 – Bitburg / Trier / Koln / Holland
Day 14 – Full day in Holland
Day 15 – Holland / Brussels / Calais / London

Day 1 – London / Marne la Valley (Paris) 

Europe Tour - pick up point at London

Europe Tour - Paris Eiffle Tower

Assemble early in the morning at 6.55 A.M. at Euston Railway Station, right in front of Burger King Counter. Our tour managers will be ready to take attendance and prepare for boarding.

Soon, it is southward we go, towards the port of Dover where P&O Ferry will bring us across the English Channel to France. At the other end, meet up with your European coach captain who will be with us for the entire journey.

The thrill of being in the SIN capital of the Romantic world sets our mind for the capital of the great country – FRANCE. Here we come! Why not hop on an evening optional trip, cruising the Seine so as to soak up the fragrance of the city?

Day 2 – Marne La Valley (Paris) / Zurich / Ulster Village

After breakfast, we must leave. Heading south, we pass through the region of Burgundy.

Life here is lived to the full, the area is a rich and varied heritage, from Gallic remains to Romanesque towers, from the art treasures of its cities to the splendours of its châteaux, from its early industrial memories to its most futuristic creations – all of this is there for you to see and enjoy, along the way are townships that gave French wines their names: Auxerre, Avalon, Beaune and Dijon.

Our destination today is Switzerland, situated in the Middle of the European Central region; it is reputed to be the “Garden of Europe”. In the late afternoon, we arrive by early evening with a stop in the central of town.

Dominated by the central station and stretching all the way towards the embankment of Lake Zurich is the famous Bahnhofstrasse. It is lined with the most luxurious boutiques and show rooms of scintillating jewellery. We can see the Old Town (Altstadt), and admire quaint houses and grand political centres.

Capture photographs of the world’s largest clock face on St Peter’s Church, and gaze at the prismatic stained glass windows that decorate Fraumünster Church as we take this brief walking journey. Our overnight stop is Geroldswil in the Ulster Township.

(Continental Breakfast)

Day 3 – Lucerne / Mountain Titlis (Optional)

Europe Tour - Lake Lucerne

Europe Tour - Lake Lucerne

Europe Tour - Switzerland mountain

Europe Tour - Switzerland mountain

Morning drive into Lucerne Township. This village is a perfect example of what Switzerland is all about.

Along the shores, take in the charming sights that laced with weeping willows, graceful swans and mandarin ducks. Also the beckoning sirens from pleasure boats are here to capture your heart and to slow down your pace for a second glance.

Follow your tour manager, stroll into the old town, set foot by the monuments such as the Wounded Lion, memory of the heroic death of the Swiss mercenaries at the Tuileries in 1792; The Kapellbrucke – Chapel Bridge constructed first half of the 14th century as a part of the city’s fortifications, the Jesuit Church, built in 1666-67, the first and finest baroque churches in the country and finally the old wall with its medieval watch towers.

Today is also your chance to have an opportunity to visit the famous Mt. Titlis on the world’s first revolving jumbo cable car, a ride to its summit at 10000 feet above sea level is exhilarating, ask your tour manager about the special cost and how you could join such a fantastic journey.

(Continental Breakfast)

Day 4 – Ulster / Vaduz / Innsbruck / Verona


Europe Tour - Innsburck / Austria

Europe Tour - Verona

Europe tour - Verona

Europe tour - Verona


Leaving Switzerland for our next destination, as we cross the mighty Rhine, we enter yet another tiny Principality, Liechtenstein, the Country with only a dozen police work force, indicates its social harmony and security.

Walk along the main street of Vaduz, its capital, you must not miss the castle perching on top of the hill where the Royal Family still resides. There is the coin and stamp museum, one of the main incomes of this country where each month a new set is distributed around the world for collectors and enthusiast.

As we ascend the Alps from Brenner to St Anton later in the day, at the other end of the mountain pass is Austria. The capital of the Tyrol Province – Innsbruck welcomes you.

Surrounded by the awe inspiring Alpine mountains, often snow-capped in spring, Innsbruck is indeed a jewel in its own accord. The city hosted two winter Olympic games and has since never ceased to improve her status. Marvel at the 3500 pieces of gilded copper plates, also known as “The Golden Roof”, the Arch de Triumph; the Hofkirche mausoleum, the Hofburg Royal Palace built by Maria Theresa and a host of splendid Baroque buildings.

Then we cross over the famous Austrian Europa Bridge, to recall the tragic incident to those who risked lives in creating this highest viaduct in Europe some 80 years ago. In the evening, we settle down in the old city of Verona.

(Continental Breakfast )

Day 5 – Venice / Rome

Europe Tour - Gondola at Venice

Europe Tour - St. Mark Square at Venice

Europe tour - Venice

Look forward to the romantic of Venice today as we disembark at Troncetto this morning, to take on one of the ferries for a short river-boat ride along the Guidca Canal.

Getting off at St Mark Square, made popular by the play from Shakespeare “the Merchant of Venice”, we meet our charming guide for a short walking tour around the St Mark’s square itself – The Campanile; the Moors clock tower; the Grand Square that Napoleon loved so much, the St Mark Basilica and the Doges Palace.

Not forgetting the Winged Lion and statue of St Mark nearby. Check out with the tour Manager for optional Gondola ride (6 persons to a Gondola, time to float along the canals to enjoy this romantic city from a different perspective).

Later, wander on your own into the maze-like streets to discover the mysteries of this ancient Water city. Of course, how could we miss that iconic photo standing in front of the petite Bridge of Sigh? Having exhausted all your energy today, we then leave for hotel after a wonderful day in this unique city of water to the region of Roma Nord.

(Continental Breakfast )

Day 6 – Full day in Rome / Vatican City

Europe Tour - Colosseum at Rome

Europe tour - Trevi Fountain in Rome

Europe tour - Rome

Europe Tour - Vatican City


An early start to our Roman discovery for we have specially designed a route for an insight into one of Europe’s earliest powers – the illustrious Roman Empire.

It is a full day on foot, to tour the city. See: the ancient Roman Amphitheatre – the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Venezia, Pantheon and the Monument of Victor Emmanuel II, regarded as the Father of Modern United Italy.

Vatican City, the smallest sovereign state in the world, walk through St. Peter’s Square and time will be given for you to visit the inside of the St Peter’s Cathedral. Not to be missed is a place to bask in the Roman atmosphere, right in Navona Square.

Here, Bernini’s art lives in perpetuity, displayed proudly in the centre is his “Fountain of four Rivers”. For those with a sweet tooth, take this opportunity to taste Italy’s famous Tatufu ice-cream (sequence of the walking tour to be decided by the tour manager).

(Continental Breakfast )

Day 7 – Florence / Pisa / Italian Riviera / San Remo

Europe tour - Florence

Europe Tour - Florence

Europe Tour - Florence

Europe tour - pisa

Along the Highway of the Sun, we speed towards Florence.

Florence’s great historical and artistic treasure is exhibited not only in her monuments, her churches; her manor houses, but also in her water and her air. In fact, the entire city exudes intoxicating artistic aroma that only by living here forever is the only solution to satisfy the real connoisseur of antiquity.

Visit Florence old town for a walking trip to view the famous Saint Mary of the Flower Cathedral, The door of Paradise, Signoria town Hall Square and the Old Bridge.

In the afternoon, we arrive at Pisa and her leaning Tower. The old world wonder, the religious centre of this city owns three amazing monuments, completely decorated with white marble from the Carrara quarries, are certainly breadth stopping. This work of art is not only exhibited on its exquisite exterior, we beckon you to explore the Baptistery as well as the Cathedral, and you will be overwhelmed with awe by the intricacy of stone works.

We then on the Italian autostrada, follow the coast line of the Italian Riviera, travelling pass the holiday region of Cinque Terre which made up of five isolated islands where inter-link only by way of boats, famous for the resort of the rich Italians at Portofino, Rapallo. Tonight we settle at Italian Riviera.

(Continental Breakfast)

Day 8 – San Remo / Monte Carlo (Monaco) / Nice / Lyon

Europe Tour - Monacco

Europe Tour - Nice

Europe tour - Nice

This morning, with a guaranteed glorious sunshine 360 days a year, we travel along the Riviera, to yet another tiny country, the Principality of Monaco is our first destination.

A small independent state that is enclave within France, we are here to experience the life style of the multi-billionaire around the world. Make a stop at the world famous casino garden where you can view the World famous race track for Formula 1.

View from here, the Royal Cathedral and Palace. Later at Côte d’Azur’s (the blue coast), we come to the Queen of the French Riviera; the popular holiday destination of the English Aristocrats in the 19C.

Enjoy the cool breeze as you sip your cafe or enjoy an ice cream amongst swaying palm trees and its leafy promenade. This is Nice, and it is nice to be here. Tour continues through the Provence region, we rest of feet in the township of Rhone Alp region near Lyon in the evening.

(Continental Breakfast )

Day 9 – Rhone Alps Lyon region / Versaille area (Paris)

Europe tour - Paris

Europe tour - French dinner at Paris

Europe tour - French dinner at Paris

Travelling northwards pass by Lyon, located by the two great rivers that amalgamate here.

The Rhone and Shone Rivers bring great wealth to the 2nd largest city of France and it is reflected on the grandeur of her stately buildings.

Next, we travel through the Burgundy wine region, dotted with pretty villages such as Macon, Beaune, Auxerre, Nemour and we arrive into the capital well before dinner time.

For a night outing, may we suggest an optional Seine River boat ride to enjoy the evening: participate on a French dinner menu tasting optional; or reserving few seats at the Lido night club or the Moulin Rouge cabaret for the spectacular stage performance, after all, the night is always young in the city that never sleeps!

( Continental Breakfast )

Day 10 – Full day in Paris

 Europe Tour - Paris Eiffle Tower

Europe tour - Paris

Europe Tour - Paris

Europe tour - Paris Louvre Museum

Europe Tour - branded shopping at Paris

After breakfast, our trusty coach is ready to show you first hand the most glamorous cities in the world.

We see Notre Dame, one of the most beautiful churches in the world and a masterpiece of medieval art. The Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elys’ees, Place de la Concorde, Trocadero Gardens, the Opera House and the Grande Dame of Paris – Eiffel.

We shall also stop by the Golden Gate of Versailles Palace for your visiting pleasure on your own later in the morning. Entrance fee payable at the gate (Versailles closes on Mondays).

The opulent palace first built in 1623, by Louise XIII – father of Louis XIV as his “hunting lodge”. The young king liked it so much that he soon had it enlarged.

Today, one could view the splendour of about 20 apartments, such as the Queen’s Bedchamber, the Hall of Mirrors, the king’s “Grand Apartment’, the War and Peace room, the Chapel and more. Indeed, it expresses the extravagant lifestyle of the French court at its height.

Later, a two-hour visit to the Louvre (purchase your own ticket – Louvre Museum closes on Tuesdays). Once the residence of the Royals, it is now the largest museum of antiquity in the world.

Pick the cream of the exhibits in your whirlwind dash through the endless corridors and galleries, simply pick the musts see 3 ladies: The Venus de milo; the Wingless Victory of Samothrace; and the world famous smiling lady “Mona Lisa” of course.

We may still find time to visit the Galleries Lafayette department store for some fine shopping. Indeed, this world class city has immense possibilities to fulfil all taste and desire! You only need to choose wisely.

( Continental Breakfast )

Day 11 – Paris at leisure

Europe Tour - Paris Disneyland

Europe Tour - Paris Disneyland

Europe Tour - Paris Disneyland

Europe Tour - Paris Disneyland

Paris at leisure. You will simply love it today as we provide you the liberty to do exactly what you wish at your own free will.

A full day free at your leisure. Here are also some of our suggestions:
◾ Marne la Vallee Factory Outlet – It is the day you have been waiting for, as we come to the French own factory outlet in La Vallée Village.
◾ You’ll have the entire afternoon to explore more than 100 boutiques of high-end French and international brands at this open-air outlet mall, set in the lovely Parisian countryside near Disneyland® Paris.
◾ Stroll down the picturesque streets and stop to browse luxury wares at shops including Baccarat, Jimmy Choo, Givenchy, Calvin Klein, Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo, Coach, Michael Kors and Versace. Find previous collections from top designers at discounts of over 33%. Disneyland or Champagne country – Loire valley or Fontainebleau Castle.
◾ For those who are less into shopping but sightsee, you may wish to visit Disneyland Paris…or go to visit the House of Moet & Chandon in the Champagne district or visit Loire Valley some 250km south to visit the castles region, where French kings and aristocrats once lived in lap of luxury.
◾ Or visit the Fontainebleau, a lovely historical town south of Paris, France (55.5km). It is renowned for its historical Château de Fontainebleau of the kings of France, which attracts crowds of tourists.
◾ Better yet, should you have friends living in France, they may even suggest driving you to the Loire Valley with a castle galore to explore the entire day.

The choice is endless, but your tour manager will have the best solution.

( Continental Breakfast )

Day 12 – Paris / Reims / Luxembourg / Bitburg



Europe tour - Luxembourg

Europe tour - Luxembourg

Europe tour - Luxembourg

 A short drive to Reims this morning, the French city with monuments which UNESCO listed as World Heritage, it is also the most famous town of the Champagne region.

Stop to stroll to the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame in Reims, a masterpiece of Gothic art, the Cathedral of Our Lady was started in 1211. It was the cathedral of coronations for French kings in memory of the baptism of Clovis by Saint Remi, probably on Christmas Day 498.

The left portal on the west front carries the famous Smiling Angel statue. This massive gothic structure is famous for being the coronation place of French kings and stands as a superb example of 13th century gothic architecture. The cathedral square is lovely and a pleasure to wander around with plenty of souvenir shops. Reims is also “bubbly”, by this we mean, the drinkable golden liquid – “Champagne” of course. There are numerous champagne cellars and stores, each one is usually family run business; with their blend of unique concoction.

Continue northwards, we enter Luxembourg; another highlight of the day. It is a Grand – duchy, an independent country with the capital city that bears the same name – Luxembourg City.

It occupies a dramatic and commanding site on a high bluff above the narrow valleys of the Alzette and the Petrusse. We drop off at Place Liberte, see the bridges span across river Alzette, then to Notre Dame Cathedral, Hotel de Ville, Dukes Palace and Place Guillaume lined with many side walk cafés and restaurants. This evening we come to Bitburg in Germany.

( Continental Breakfast)

Day 13 – Bitburg / Trier / Koln / Holland


Europe tour - Germany

Europe Tour - Cologne Cathedral Germany

Europe tour - Holland

A short trip into Trier, the Roman city at the time of Augustus in 17BC.

There are still is an abundant of Roman traces about, starting from the walk through the Port Nigra and its city wall, the streets are all laid out in grit form, a typical system perfected by the Romans.

Appreciate the commentary made by your professional tour manager on all you wish to know about Trier’s Cathedral; the Basilica, the Imperial Baths and the Forum, indeed this city is undoubtedly one of the finest in Roman remains outside Italy.

Here is also home of the great philosopher Karl Marx. You may wish to enter into his house of Marx (ticket at the gate), it is a museum that attracts countless international visitors annually. Soon, enjoy German typical structured villages and vineyards on the hillside, as we skim alongside the Rhine river picturesque setting that is simply too beautiful to ignore!

Before you know, the twin towers of the imposing Dom sprung into view, piercing the greyish skyline of Koln. This is also a witness to Germany’s 800 years of ancient Roman historical heritage. This evening, we come into the lowland country of Holland.

( Continental Breakfast )

Day 14 – Full day in Holland

Europe Tour - Amsterdam / Holland

Europe Tour - Amsterdam / Holland

Europe Tour - Amsterdam / Holland


An exciting day ahead as we tour Netherland, the “Pan-cake country”.

Visit her youthful city Amsterdam. Stroll through Dam square to see The New Church; the Royal Palace and along the canal-laced city of Amsterdam. During free time, you may visit the Sailor quarter and Amsterdam China town.

Check out with the tour manager for some afternoon optional activities, why not purchase ticket for an informative cruise on a glass-domed boat, to cruise alongside the 16-17th century merchant houses, and visit a diamond house, see how raw stones are polished into sparkling gems, the skills on which so much of the prosperity of Holland depends.

Or take on a trip to Zaanse Schans Windmill farm. Here one finds the cottage industries of Clog making, to learn and be amazed by the vast information you shall gain simply just going through the demonstration on site. Within the compound are thatched windmills, cheese making; bakery; clock museum etc.

The setting is perfect as it presents quintessentially, a backdrop of the Dutch countryside. Where in Europe could you straddle a dyke, witnessing the river water level that is obviously higher than the land on its left! Most intriguing!

( Continental Breakfast )

Day 15 – Holland / Brussels / Calais / London  

 Europe Tour - Brussels / Belgium

Europe Tour - Brussels / Belgium

Europe tour - Dover

Our last but not least trip with our tour manager this morning is Belgium’s capital – Brussels.

The city and its surrounding has much to offer for lovely picture stops: the awe inspiring Atomium, the intricate and unique Chinese Pavilion; the Japanese Pagoda; the most beautiful squares of the 17C – Grand Place; and of course the little Belgium hero who saved the city from destruction “Manneken Pis” by the old Stock Exchange and main street.

You have time to enjoy the shopping for: Chocolate; Sweets; Laces; or local beer of 300 and more flavours before our final English Channel ferry brings us back to London by the late evening.

( Continental Breakfast )

End Of Tour

Included in the Europe Tour Package:

14 Continental breakfast daily
Bilingual, professional, experience and humour tour guide throughout the journey with at least 10 years experience
Guided tour at each cities by allowing some free times for you shopping and sightseeing
14 nights 3 Star hotels in twin share every night
Modern air-conditioning luxury coach with experienced European driver
Crossing the English Channel on P/O ferry service

Not Included in the Europe Tour Package:

Lunch and dinner on your own approximately 15 -25 Euro per meal
Tipping for Driver & Tour Guide 75 Euro (Whole journey)
Single supplement (Single room) £490 per person
Entrance to attractions and other optionals:
– Amsterdam Cruise (Holland)
– Zaanse Schan Village tour (Holland)
– Mt Titlis cable car excursion (Switzerland)
– Venice Gondola (Italy)
– Black Pasta & Mixed Seafood (Italy)
– Paris Seine River Cruise (France)
– Versailles Palace (France)
– French Meal (France)
– Louvre Museum (France)
– Disneyland (France)
– Shuttle to Marne la Valle Factory Outlet (France)
18 Euro
18 Euro
110 Swiss Franc.
25 Euro
25 Euro
25 Euro
18.5 Euro
40 Euro
18 Euro
75 Euro
15 Euro
City Tax for Italy / Monaco / Austria 69 Euro
Travel Insurance

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A welcoming email will be sent to you to confirm receipt of your booking. We will email you with booking confirmation within 3-5 working days after received your booking. The issue of booking confirmation will also imply that a seat has been reserved for you. Seat availability is base on first come first serve basis.  The remaining balance shall be completed not later than 30 days before tour departure. You can made the payment of balance tour fee by transferring to our UK bank account. You will receive invoice with our bank account details in the booking confirmation email. Once you make the payment of balance tour fees to our company, you must email us bank transfer confirmation / receipts, so that we can trace your payment.

Note: Seat availability is base on first come first serve basis. We will allocate seat for you once confirming the payment of deposit received by issuing you with booking confirmation.

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Cancellation of Europe Tours

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If any of the tour do not reach the minimum amount of Tour Members that joining the tours, our company have the rights to cancel the tour. You will receive cancellation notification through email at least 2 weeks before tour departure if we decide to cancel the tour.

Our company is not responsible for trip being delayed, failure to continue due to condition beyond supplier’s control, such as unforeseen traffic hold-ups; strike/industrial actions, weather conditions, deaths and accidents, riot or local unrest, problems caused by fellow travellers.

If for any of the reason stated above and we have no choice but to cancel tours, we will provide several options as stated below for tour members;

  1. You can choose the same tour package at same price that departing at different date; or
  2. You can choose another tour package that are cheaper than the price that you have paid us, we will refund you the difference; or
  3. You can choose another tour package that are more expensive than the price that you have paid us, you have to pay us in addition on the difference; or
  4. You can choose to receive full refund of the tour price that you have paid earlier

We may have to make changes to your tour due to the unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right to change the itinerary of the tour if necessary.

Cancellation by Tour Member

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If the Tour Member cancels 10 – 20 days before departure date, 50% of tour fares will be imposed

If the Tour Member cancels less than 10 days before departure date, 100% of tour fares will be imposed

In the unlikely event that your Schengen Visa Application has been refused, the visa application fees of £162 is non-refundable at all. However, we will refund all the tour fares to you, this include the deposit of £100 and the remaining balance that you pay 30 days before departure. If you apply the Schengen Visa by yourself, you need to show us the proof of visa refusal before we can grant you the refund.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend all Tour Members to purchase a form of travel insurance to cover any losses or injury that might occur throughout the journey.

As an operator, we do not provide you with a form of insurance against such losses. Our suppliers include coach operators or hotel operators may have an individual insurance policy to cover you against injuries while you are on their premises.

For full Europe Tour terms and conditions, please click the link here.

Europe Tour Pick Up Point/Time

London Pick Up

Pick up time: 7.00am
Pick up point: Euston Railway Station (in front of Burger King Restaurant)
Euston Road, Greater London, NW1 2RT Europe Tour - London pick up location
Europe Tour - London pick up location

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