Join Europe Tour .com is specifically created for people who wish to travel around UK and Europe. Varieties of tour Europepackages within UK and around Europe are created to enrich your tour experience at your most affordable price.

This enable people from all over the world such as United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Europe, China, Malaysia, Japan, India, Africa, etc have the chance to marvel the beauties of UK and Europe. It is not simply a tour where you travel to each tour destination and simply take photos, it is where you can meet up with lots of other energetic people that might come from the same countries with you, or could be not. From here you can built up and expand your friendship and have fun together. This can further enrich your tour experience. Let’s make it an unforgetable memory!!! No matter what nationalities you are, we welcome you to join our tours.

We have years of experiances in organising variety of tours. We have UK tours and Europe tours.

Why choose to join tour, not backpack or self plan?

To backpack and self plan no doubt is a good experience. But it is time consuming, troublesome, and you need to find a lot of travel information, end up might face obstacles if without a proper planning. More cost might need to spend than expected, not enough time to spend in certain attractions, or too much time in certain attractions that are not necessary, or even quarrel with friends because of different opinion arise, etc. Here, we make it everything easy for you!!!

  1. We have the experience in organising a range of tours covering UK and Europe, we know where is the interest and the focus of most tourists, where you should spend more times, where you can experience the most of local culture, local dance, etc. We design a tour holiday for you, you relax and enjoy!
  2. Find it confusing and headache to price checking every sites for accommodation, coach transfer, flights, etc? You don’t need to worry of anything here. We design a tour package to provide coach transfer, hotel accommodation and a tour leader or tour guide in providing essential travel information for you. You not alone!!! We guide you throughout the journey.
  3. Lots of information everywhere regarding the attractions points at your tour destination, don’t know which should go or which one is your interest? We have the information and we can recommend a walk for you where you can explore the most and fully utilise of your days. For our Europe tour, our professional tour guide provide guided tours at each cities equipped with High Tech cordless audio transmitter  so that you can marvel the beauties of Europe at the same time hear your tour commentary from your tour guide from a distance.  This is the special of our Europe tour.
  4. Worry of too rush if follow trips? Our UK tours designed to maximise your times at each tour destination. As such you can find it relax and enjoy. Most of our UK tour are departing during midnight and arrive at first destination in the morning. You can spend hours of tiring journey in your dreams. When you arrive first destination in the morning, you can start to explore. For instances, you can explore at Edinburgh for at least 8 hours, whereas other tour operators only afford to let you explore there for 4 hours.
  5. We have established good rapport with major UK and European hotel chain, coach companies and major tour operator. Because we buy the supplies in bulk and organise tour in groups, we always manage to gain special offers and prices from our suppliers, that’s why you can always enjoy a more affordable price compare with high street travel agents or tour operators.
  6. We do not open branch in every major cities to sell our tour package. We use online booking system and we publish all the essential information on our homepage. This can reduce our operating cost and the cost of marketing tours. The benefits are clearly enjoyed by you. You will always find that our tour packages are always cheaper compare with high street shops but with better quality.
  7. You will receive an electronic ticket with the ticket number, the details of the tour you book, amount paid, cancellation policy, etc. Print out the electronic ticket and show to our tour leaders or tour guides before depart. The adoption of online booking system no doubt will streamline the booking process and reduce the operating cost.
  8. If you have any queries, you can always chat with us through our Live Chat. Our Live Chat customer service support from 9am to 5pm everyday. What if you wish to ask us other than this time? Yes. You can leave us an offline message and we will get back to you within 24 hours. You also can email your queries to our email address.




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