Company background

Tong Hang Tour Management Ltd is a leading tour company based in London. We are in the tour management business operating worldwide for the past 30 years. We have won multiple awards such as Italian Travel Association Award in 2004 and winner of the Best British Tour Operator Award, e.t.c and we are a proud member of a highly recognised Travel Association (ABTA) with the registration number Y1561.

Tong Hang Tour Management is powered by team of highly skilled, resourceful and innovative staff. Our professional membership with ABTA offers all our customers adequate protection and financial guaranty.


We recognise the synergy between travel and holiday tour in a globalised clime, Tong Hang Tour Management Ltd delights in being a leading and holistic travel solutions outfit, with sublime dexterity in packaging and organising tour for all our customers all over European countries.

We specialise in Europe tour, offering huge variety of choices, making your holiday as personal to you as possible. We work with reputable hotels, resort centres on regular basis, screening by our quality control system, assuring you of only authentic and memorable Tong Hang experience from start to finish.

We have eminent educators and professionals that offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the beauty of European land, we will give you full guideline, which consist multi-day excursions, where you will be accompanied by experienced and accredited guides.

With our red shirt professional tour guides, you will finally discover the most beautiful and famous landmarks in Europe such as Switzerland, Italy, Holland, Germany and France, etc. You will visit the main cities such as Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome, Vatican City, Innsbruck, Zurich, Paris, etc.


Our 15 days A Perfect Ten tour package give you the opportunity to see it all – from the stunning art of Italy to the majestic history of Rome and back to the ancient sights of Germany. You will enjoy the tour beyond what you could have ever experienced. Perfect for the value-minded traveller.

We provide an authentic local experience at an affordable price. Explore our other European tours to start planning your specific adventure. However, with any of our red shirt professional tour guides, you will enjoy the best holiday tour without the worry of planning.


As a tour management company, we do not sell tour direct to customers, but through our numerous travel agents worldwide. Tour members booked through travel agents worldwide will gather at the meet up point in London and proceed on the tour. Thanks to the technology advancement, now individual customers can easily book directly with us via our webpage at wholesale rate and meet up with other tour members that book through our travel agents in London pick up points and enjoy the same tour package.

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