Adeline - Calvin

Kai Li - Calvin 1Kai Li - Calvin 2

Chin Yen - Calvin

Kelly - Calvin



Bai Rong

Bryan - Calvin

Celia - Calvin

Chia Hui - Calvin

Haw Yii - Calvin

Jasmin - Calvin Joey Tham - Calvin Jonathan - Calvin   Laysan Leung Cheng Hoa Li Mun - Calvin Maggie - Calvin Mei Xihn - Calvin Niick - Calvin Orlando - Calvin Shang Ching - Calvin Sher lene

Sin Kee - Calvin Terrance - Calvin Wei Hou - Calvin Wei Qiu - Calvin Yong Yih

If you would like to find out more regarding the feedback from our tour members, you can click our Facebook group link below. This is one of the Facebook group that we created for students that further study to UK. Lots of useful info shared regarding studying, living and travelling in UK and Europe.

Tong Hang Facebook group

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